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DeiC Interactive HPC via UCloud is a digital resource for DeiC Interactive HPC front offices – a centralised hub for information and resources to all UCloud front office personnel.

DeiC Interactive HPC

The DeiC Interactive HPC website is here to keep front office personnel up to date with news, system updates, and solutions to keep you well informed and capable of servicing your UCloud users.

We share research stories in an effort to spread knowledge about UCloud – DeiC Interactive HPC, and we aim to bring front office personnel from all eight Danish universities closer together to facilitate knowledge sharing.

Interactive HPC via UCloud

DeiC Interactive HPC is provided via the the UCloud platform which is located in Denmark and run by Danish universities.

The UCloud platform is designed to be user-friendly with an intuitive graphical user interface, flexible and extensible to account for the multi-scale and multi-disciplinary research challenges, and the high data intensity and heterogeneity. The focus of UCloud is to make complex digital technology accessible to all users.

Consortium Partners

The following partners collaborate on hosting and operating DeiC Interactive HPC system through UCloud.

University of Southern Denmark – SDU eScience Centre
Aarhus University – Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus
University of Aalborg – CLAAUDIA

Don’t forget to acknowledge the use of national HPC

As Front Office personnel it is your responsibility to inform your researchers that they are required to acknowledge their use of UCloud in all their publications, book chapters, posters etc.

Acknowledgement is mandatory and only accepted when the researcher uses an HPC reference number – provided to them by their Front Office.