Data Management

Data Management and a FAIR Data Action Plan

DeiC Interactive HPC can help your researchers with data management and provide consultation on a FAIR data action plan, if the needs exceed the level of support provided by the local Front Office.

Submit a request for Data Management with as much information as possible and we will get back to you with a price estimate*

* Services provided by DeiC Interactive HPC are subject to charge and not part of Front Office Support

DeiC Interactive HPC offers data management as a service

Easy access to data

  • Assistance to retrieve and use data in national archives and national/international repositories.
  • Support for using data with different levels of sensitivity and access permissions in compliance with existing regulations and laws.

Fast and secure data transfer

  • Assistance in data transfer to/from national repositories and other national HPC centers, including very large datasets.
  • Integration of data within the Interactive HPC platform.

Efficient data archiving

  • Support for data organization through databases.
  • Assistance in identifying data ready to be archived.
  • Assistance in the data movement from primary storage to archive and vice versa for fast data recovering.

*Please note that while Front Office support is free, services provided by DeiC Interactive HPC are subject to charge.

Other Interactive HPC Services

DeiC Interactive HPC offers a range of billable services aimed towards researchers, students and in some cases Front Office personnel.

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