Event Workshop

Interactive HPC Consortium workshop

A few days ago, Center for Humanities Computing at Aarhus Universitet had the pleasure of inviting Interactive HPC Consortium colleagues from CLAAUDIA, Aalborg Universitet and the SDU eScience Center to a workshop day at the wonderful Moesgaard Museum.

“We have these collaborative workshops every six months to stay informed and improve the Interactive HPC service, but also to stay connected with what we consider to be close colleagues from the other two universities.
Meeting up in person adds an essential layer to this cross-university collaboration, positively impacting the operation and development of the DeiC Interactive HPC facility. Through these gatherings, innovations are cultivated collectively among partners, each contributing their unique perspective. Given the consistently productive outcomes of these workshops resulting in several working groups that tackle delegated tasks in the coming months, we are considering expanding to a two-day workshop next time to facilitate more in-depth discussions and collaboration,” says Kristoffer Nielbo, Director of Center for Humanities Computing.

This recent workshop hosted no fewer than 25 people who convened to discuss the general status, infrastructure, education, and branding of DeiC Interactive HPC. The day concluded perfectly with a visit to the exhibitions at Moesgaard Museum and its grounds. Everyone looks forward to the next Interactive HPC workshop hosted by CLAAUDIA in wonderful Aalborg.