System Status

Interactive HPC operational status for users
Please note, that this status only reflects technical issues with the cluster/computer. Other issues, such as user overload, are only be visible to Back Office personnel. A setup ensuring Front office access to this information is underway.

Other issues

Check the status of DeiC Interactive HPC here if the Operational Status provided by SDU is not available.

17-11-2023 11:30

Planned shut down 19-11-2023: Emergency Maintenance

The DeiC Interactive HPC platform and Type 3 Hippo on Sunday (19-11-2023). The services will be unavailable from the morning until sometime in the afternoon. During this time it will not be possible to access the services, the SDU status page, or any of the jobs. This will also shut down all jobs running on the “DeiC Interactive HPC (SDU)” provider on UCloud.

15-11-2023 15:30

Interactive HPC is operational again

The services are working again. The SDU eScience Center will keep monitoring the situation in case any issues arise.

15-11-2023 13:50

Power outage in SDU server room

Dear front offices, currently we are experiencing a power outage in our server room at SDU, which implies type 1 and type 3 systems are both offline. It’s not clear yet when it will be possible to restart them

15-11-2023 12:23

Interactive HPC is down

We are aware of system wide problems with the DeiC Interactive HPC facility and all the connected services including the status pages. The problem is institution wide at SDU including the eScience Center at SDU who is hosting DeiC Interactive HPC.

We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause you. We will be monitoring the situation closely and post any updates to this page.