This page will feature the publications that have come from research using UCloud (DeiC Interactive HPC). As UCloud is still one of the more recent HPC resources and the mandatory acknowledgement procedure is still new, we have added known publications manually.

As of May 1. 2021 it is mandatory to use acknowledgements for the use of national HPC resources. This is to increase awareness of the use of HPC in research.

The aim is that all publications using the mandatory HPC reference number in the future, will be added to this page, automatically.

More information on why acknowledgements are mandatory for researchers to use and for Front Offices to supply.

DeiC Interactive HPC Publications

Nielbo, K.L, Baglini, R. B., Vahlstrup, P. B., Enevoldsen, K. C. Bechmann, A. Roepstorff, A. (2021). News Information Decoupling: An Information Signature of Catastrophes in Legacy News Media. 

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Nielbo, K.L, Wevers, M., Kostkan, J. (2021). Event flow – How events shaped the flow of the news, 1950-1995. 

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Nielbo, K.L, Bizzoni, Y., Peura, T., Thomsen, M.R. (2021). Sentiment Dynamics of Success: Fractal Scaling of Story Arcs Predicts Reader Preferences. 

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Nielbo, K.L, Hansen, L., Enevoldsen, K.C., Baglini, R.B. (2021). Multilingual Sentiment Normalization for Scandinavian Languages.

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Enevoldsen, K., Hansen, L., Nielbo, K (2021) DaCy: A Unified Framework for Danish NLP

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Nielbo, K.L, Haestrup, F., Enevoldsen, K.C., Vahlstrup, P.B., Baglini, R.B., Roepstorff, A. (2021). When no news is bad news – Detection of negative events from news media content.

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Don’t forget to acknowledge the use of national HPC

As Front Office personnel it is your responsibility to inform your researchers that they are required to acknowledge their use of DeiC Interactive HPC in all their publications, book chapters, posters etc.

Acknowledgement is mandatory and only accepted when the researcher uses an HPC reference number – provided to them by their Front Office.