Don’t forget to acknowledge the use of national HPC

As of May 1. 2021 it’s mandatory to use acknowledgements for the use of national HPC resources. This is to increase awareness of the use of HPC in research.

As Front Office personnel it is your responsibility to inform your researchers that they are required to acknowledge their use of Interactive HPC in all their publications, book chapters, posters etc.

Acknowledgement is mandatory and only accepted when the researcher uses an HPC reference number – provided to them by their Front Office.

How to create an HPC reference number

The HPC reference number is constructed as follows: DeiC-XX-YY-ZZ

XX: Abbreviation for the university in question (AAU-AU-CBS-DTU-ITU-KU-RUC-SDU)
YY: HPC allocation: L (Locally assigned by Front Office) + 1 (HPC type 1)
L=Local (Front Office), N=National, S=Sandbox, I=International
ZZ: Funding number assigned by the local Front Offices

Example: DeiC-AU-L1-123456 refers to the fact that the researcher from Aarhus University (AU) was allocated HPC type 1 (Interactive HPC via UCloud) from the local university (L1), and the responsible Front Office has assigned a project number (123456)

In other words, whenever a Front Office has allocated computing time on Interactive HPC for a researcher, you use L1 in the HPC reference number.

For more information on HPC reference numbers and more examples, visit DeiC (website available in Danish and English)

Acknowledgement increases awareness

It’s mandatory to use the HPC reference number in all publications, where Interactive HPC has been used, in order to increase awareness of the use of HPC in research.

DeiC uses the information to obtain an overview of the total number of publications in which national HPC resources have been used. This enables DeiC to document the scientific output of the national investment in HPC.

How researchers should acknowledge

Researchers can refer to their use of DeiC Interactive HPC in their own words in sections such as Acknowledgements or Funding. It is, however, mandatory that they use their HPC reference number. Below is an example of how acknowledgement can be incorporated into a research paper.

This research was supported by the ”HOPE – How Democracies Cope with COVID-19”-project funded by The Carlsberg Foundation with grant CF20-0044, NeiC’s Nordic Digital Humanities Laboratory project, and DeiC Type-1 HPC with project DeiC-AU-L1-000001. The authors would like to thank Berlingske Media, JP/Politkens Hus, and Kristeligt Dagblad for providing access to proprietary data.

Adapted from “When no news is bad news – Detection of negative events from news media content”

DeiC Interactive HPC aims to collect and display all publications where Interactive HPC has been used.